6 Months of Selfless Love Posted July 25, 2013 by emilyelizabeth.ea@gmail.com


I spent the first half of 2013 as a residential volunteer at Makaphutu and suspect I will always consider it

one of the great gifts of my life. If you’ve ever seen a sunrise or a sunset, you know that light is nowhere

more beautiful than where it meets the darkness, and that’s the lingering image I have of Makaphutu.

Our kids arrive having experienced some of the great darkness at work in the world. But Makaphutu is

rich with the presence of God, who is shattering that darkness with His glorious light.


As a volunteer I got to help with homework and read bedtime stories and take our teenagers for long

walks. But more than that, I got to witness the reality of God working healing and redemption out of

brokenness. My faith was constantly being stretched and strengthened. Makaphutu also gave me the

space to explore God’s calling on my life. I left Makaphutu with a far deeper love for God than when I

arrived, and a far greater sense of direction for my future.


We are asking God to bring many more residential volunteers to help with the work of keeping

Makaphutu running. There is room for people with every kind of gifting to serve. Could He be calling

you, or someone you know? I can promise you will grow in faith and experience moments of the

deepest joy with some of the world’s most precious kids!


“When once the call of God comes, begin to go and never stop going!” –Oswald Chambers

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