Makaphutu - Valley of 1000 Hills

Makaphutu – Valley of 1000 Hills

Due to its strategic location within Embo Qadi, and KwaNyuswa Makaphutu is ideally suited to be a community hub – a central venue for training and gathering, as well as a storehouse from which to reach out to those in crisis.


Makaphutu runs a community-based hunger alleviation programme. We feed approximately 6000 meals per month, specifically targeting vulnerable children, families in crisis, and those infected by HIV/AIDS. We do not attempt to do any of our ministry in isolation, but work in partnership with a number of NGOs , churches and community leaders – both to identify, and efficiently distribute resources and to care for those in need. Makaphutu is a hub for a number of community initiatives in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, and offers churches, businesses, and social organisations an ideal platform from which to get involved and positively impact the host of challenges facing this area.

The Little Hills Day Care and Pre-school Centre functions out of one of the buildings on campus, and has suitably qualified teachers. 96% of the 72 children at the crèche come from the surrounding communities. In addition the Hlanganani Early Childhood Development (ECD) Training Centre is run from campus, and is responsible for training and equipping approximately 120 ECD teachers each year. Furthermore there is the Makaphutu Training Centre which has a computer lab, classrooms, and workshops for the training of members of the community. SETA courses have been run in the past, and several FETA courses are scheduled to be hosted in 2012 in conjunction with Elangeni College. A fully equipped welding workshop is also in the advanced stages of installation.

Below are some updates from a few of last years projects:





OUTREACH from Makaphutu is an important part of ‘shining our lights’ in the local community that surrounds our village.


Friends of the community – donation!

On Thursday the 14th of June we had the wonderful privilege of being able to give a wheelchair to an amazing charity working with the needy in the valley called “Friends of the Community.” Because Makaphutu is well known in the highway area, it is where people will often bring donated goods. Thankfully none of our children need a wheelchair but we knew that Friends of the Community would be able to give it to someone who did. It is wonderful to be in a position to channel and share resources from those who have to those who don’t. This really is part of the vision of the Makaphutu Community Hub, to be able to help and support not just the children in Makaphutu but the whole community around us as well.



Taking food from Makaphutu into KwaNyuswa in May 2012…

We had an opportunity at the end of February to visit a creche/orphanage and take them food and toys along with the students from the Hillside Destiny School of Ministry. We also took food to a women’s HIV/Aids support group in our local community of KwaNyuswa and had the privilege of praying for every lady at the meeting. One of the students felt a pain in her ankle as she bent to pray for one lady. When she asked the lady whether her ankle was painful she said that it was. A group prayed for the lady who then said that the pain in her ankle was gone. What an opportunity to see God working in the lives of the people in KwaNyuswa.

See some photos of the day below:

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