Makaphutu’s Mission Statement and Dream:

Lovingly raising vulnerable children to become

leaders that one day develop sustainable, healthy

communities and break the orphan cycle.


Makaphutu Children’s Village is a home of love, healing, and safety for vulnerable and orphaned children in KwaZulu Natal. We currently serve 45 beautiful children ranging in age from 1 years old to 19 years old. We want to see our children nurtured to wholeness, receiving the best and most empowering education possible, and ultimate see them grow up into leaders that can serve the communities from which they came with excellence, living their dreams in full! We believe that by providing a loving home for these few, we can contribute to breaking the orphan cycle in our communities made so severe by poverty, HIV/Aids, crime, and abuse.

While loving and serving our children and their needs, we all see the needs in the communities around us. We serve our surrounding communities by providing community gardens, giving 6,500 meals a month to the local TB clinic, distributing food and clothing parcels to those in most dire need in the surrounding townships, by running a creche for 79 children, and by offering business and family training courses. We also network with surrounding churches and NGO’s to maximize resources in our area and better bring hope to those most in need.

We believe that one person can make a difference! Whether that person is you, me, or one of our children. That is why we as an organization wholeheartedly pursue empowering our children, the community around us, while connecting those without resources to those who can help. Contact Makaphutu today and find out how you can be part of building a more loving community and breaking the orphan cycle.

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