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One is always going to be tempted to look at what is big and strong now and chase after that thing. But it takes a wise man to see what will be big and strong tomorrow and invest in that. Our children, our countries’s orphans, today they may seem little more than trifling inconveniences that litter the streets, begging at traffic lights. But tomorrow they will be our countries leaders, the builders of our infrastructure, they will be the criminals that wreak havoc, and they will be the parents they raise the next generation. If we really say we want to see change in our country, we should not be predominantly chasing after the political processes, complaining about the problems, or fighting with people.

We should be finding the children. The ones who will decide what South Africa looks like tomorrow. And we should be bringing them into our homes, speaking identity into their young lives, providing safety, love, and respect that teaches them something new that gives them hope. Our impact may not be realized for two decades. But wisdom will be justified by her children. And if we are wise, we will find children to invest in. The future is closer than we think. It is in the children at our feet that are waiting for someone to see them.

At Makaphutu we want to provide a home, a safe place of love and nurture and excellence for the ones deemed least likely to succeed. We believe that a child, when given love and hope, and can become the greatest of leaders. Their story can give hope to millions. Their character and endurance can lead a nation to a better place. So today, whether it is a Makaphutu child or some other child you know, invest in someone! Invest in our countries future.

“Children are our most valuable resouce.” -President Herbert Hoover


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